Six Ways the Product Manager Role Will Change in 2018

The role of the product manager is undergoing a fairly dramatic rethink. Success is no longer measured by just velocity and roadmap delivery; it’s now more about how well your product performs, how much value it drives and the love and loyalty your users have for the product.

We’re evolving from the quantitative “how many things did you ship?” question to a much broader “how much value did your product provide?” qualitative conversation. Product teams that can measure and document value are the ones that are consistently more successful.

Please join us as we sit down with Eric Boduch, co-founder and chief evangelist at Pendo, and Kirsten Butzow, product coach at Pragmatic Marketing, to discuss:

  • The difference between product managers and product owners.
  • How to achieve continuous onboarding.
  • What it takes to be agile.

  • And much more!


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