5 Ways to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience

Savvy organizations know that effective employee onboarding and engagement are critical to employee productivity and retention. What many organizations fail to consider, however, is how much of employee onboarding and engagement happens digitally through shared collaboration and knowledge management tools. As more and more employee interaction moves into the digital world, understanding and improving the employee experience becomes an imperative.

Join Chris Myers, VP of Partnerships for Igloo and Michael Peach, Head of Product Marketing for Pendo for an interactive discussion on the latest trends in employee-facing applications, and how organizations can accelerate onboarding and optimize their communities through data-driven employee engagement.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Key engagement metrics for your corporate intranet, and how to capture them
  • Best practices for digital employee onboarding

  • How to use contextual online guidance to personalize the employee experience


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