Pendo VIA for Marketo

Accelerate Adoption and Personalize Learning for Marketo Users

Improve user adoption, ease onboarding, streamline training efforts, and deliver guided product adoption.

Joe Reitz

Global Technical Training Manager at AWS

Winner of Marketo's Marketer of the Year

We [can] take all the documentation, all the high touch training we do on a daily basis, and put it in platform, in context, wherever the marketer is.

Pendo VIA delivers critical insight into your company's adoption and usage of Marketo while enabling you to deliver in-app training to enhance the value of your Marketo investment.

Using Pendo VIA, you can:

  • Measure user adoption levels and identify knowledge gaps across all of the users in your organization.
  • Take control of customizing and personalizing training content, workflows, processes, and setups.
  • Deliver a unique learning experience for every team member, regardless of their knowledge level or job function.

Put Insights into Action

Quickly see how users are adopting Marketo and where they require improvements in their learning.


Change User Behaviors

With in-app guides, tooltips, and step-by-step tutorials. Reduce hand holding with self-serve guidance.


Empower your Team

By hosting best practices and learning tools where they're needed the most—in Marketo.

Personalized Experience

Every organization uses Marketo differently. Now you have the power to deliver a personalized experience to all your users.

  • Complete control to customize content, workflows, processes, and setups based on user needs.

Improved User Confidence

Target and engaged users in educating them about new features within Marketo. Enhance and accelerate the return on your Marketo investment.

  • Walk users step-by-step through updates.
  • Guide users through customized processes and facilitate the adoption of product capabilities.

Faster Time to Value

A simple yet powerful tool that gives you the means to quickly, effectively, and unobtrusively guide and train users on Marketo.

  • Eliminate user confusion, human errors and build confidence using Marketo.
  • Help users get the most out of the product so they can thrive in their job role.