Pendo + Product Collective

Every year, Pendo and Product Collective set out to better understand the craft of product management and the evolution of the product manager (PM) role by surveying product leaders working for a variety of types of companies around the world. In doing so, we gain perspective and appreciation for a discipline that we care deeply about–and we're able to publish these findings to spark conversation and debate within our community.

Now in its third year. The State of Product Leadership is bigger and better, casting a global net to understand the priorities and perspectives of product teams in North America, the UK, France and Germany. Each year, there are a handful of findings that genuinely surprise us and others that confirm what we generally suspected. In both cases, the insights are instructive–and we think important.

Where do you report into?

More than half of product managers now report into a CPO or equivalent, more than doubling in frequency over last year.


What are your key measures of success?

Product adoption and usage edged out even revenue as the north star measure of product team success.