State of Product Leadership 2018

Insights from 300 Technology Product Management Executives and Managers.

Examining the Product Leader

Who are product leaders? What do they do? What makes them effective? Pendo and Product Collective surveyed 300 product leaders to answer these and many more questions. The results show some surprising trends, and contradict some ‘common knowledge’ about product teams. Read on to learn more.


In the software industry it’s often assumed that most product leaders have a technical background. This actually isn’t the case. Over 60% come from business, liberal arts, or creative disciplines.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Product roles and teams vary widely. Product leaders can lead engineering, UX, marketing, and even sales teams in addition to core product management functions.

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Product Delivery

Over 80% of product teams use some form of agile development. Yet product and feature launches are far from continuous. Most product teams ship only quarterly or annually.

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Innovation is dead? When asked whether customer feedback or competitive pressures influenced their roadmap decisions, most product leaders said competition.

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Learn More About Product Leadership

Join Pendo CMO Jake Sorofman and Product Collective co-founder Mike Belsito for an interactive discussion and Q& about the survey, our findings, and new insights into product leadership.