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Webinar Series: How to Build a Product-led Organization in 2021

More and more, industry-leading companies are beginning to realize the advantages of putting their products at the center of their customer experience and letting them lead their customer acquisition, retention, and growth efforts. Think: Tesla, Netflix, Walmart, Amazon.

The benefits are clear, and quickly realized: Organizations that embrace product-led strategies enjoy more flexibility and agility in making product decisions and roadmap changes, a direct line to communicate with and understand their users, more efficient ways to grow revenue, and an overall higher quality product experience.
In this webinar series, you’ll hear practical advice from the minds behind Pendo on how to apply these strategies at your own company and transform it into a truly product-led organization.

You’ll learn:
  • What a product-led organization is
  • Which product KPIs you should be measuring
  • How to drive growth by putting the product at the center of your customer experience
  • New ways to deliver your product

December 16, 2020 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 16:00 GMT

Brian Crofts

Chief Product Officer | Pendo

Cameron Moll

VP, Design | Pendo

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There’s one touchpoint with your organization that you know every single one of your customers' experiences on a regular basis: Using your product. The most successful companies recognize this and lead with it, putting their product at the core of everything they do. They’re product-led organizations, and they represent the future of business.

Join our Chief Product Officer, Brian Crofts, and our Vice President of Design, Cameron Moll, as they discuss what makes an organization product led in the first of our four-part webinar series.
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Leveraging Data to Create a Great Product

January 7, 2021 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 16:00 GMT

Christine Itwaru

Director of Product Ops Pendo

Stephanie Tanzar

Director of Product Management Pendo

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With today’s proliferation of data, there’s a galaxy of metrics available for product teams to choose from when measuring success. But, some lag while others lead, some are better at answering certain questions than others, and a few may even have become obsolete.

Join Christine Itwaru, our director of product ops, and Stephanie Tanzar, our director of product management, as they break down the best KPIs for product-led organizations to measure in 2021.
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Drive Growth By Putting Product at the Center of Your Customer Experience

January 28, 2021 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 16:00 GMT

Melinda Gonzalez

VP, Customer Success | Pendo

Jon Pappas

Dir. Product Management | Pendo

Your company has no better ambassador than your product itself. After all, that’s what your customers are after when they show up at your doorstep and nearly every function in your org operates partially inside of it. It pays to position your product as the nexus of the customer experience.

Join Pendo’s VP of customer success, Melinda Gonzalez, and Director of Product Management Jon Pappas as they show you how your product can double as a sales, marketing, and support tool to drive growth to new heights.
A New Way of Delivering Product

February 10, 2021 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 16:00 GMT

Christine Itwaru

Director of Product Ops Pendo

Dan Dalton

Senior Product Manager Pendo

Putting your product at the center of your customer experience will require significant revisions of your product development and delivery playbook. Plan, build, and release no longer cuts it: You need to think full-spectrum and devise new ways to iterate on feature design, onboard users, manage feedback, and drive adoption.

Join Pendo’s director of product ops, Christine Itwaru, and Dan Dalton, senior product manager, as they describe the ways product-led organizations are rethinking product delivery.

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