Debate Club Live

With Zendesk, Shutterstock and Wix

Original Air Date: December 12, 2018

Nikki Kuritsky

VP of Product


Sam Boonin

VP of Product Strategy


David Schwartz

VP of Product


McKinsey recently called product management the new training ground for tech CEOs. Why? Because great product vision and innovation are necessary for category leadership.

Watch our recorded debate to hear three product leaders debate the most controversial questions in product and design.

Debate highlights:

      • Does a PM need a technical background?
      • Are PMs actually the CEO of the product? Or do they serve more as product editors?
      • What are the qualities of excellent PMs? What about product designers?
      • Where should product management report? Engineering, marketing or somewhere else?
      • Should every company have a CPO?

Ideas are Screwing Up your Product Roadmap

Your ideas could be messing up your product roadmap. Yes, you read that right. Wait, aren’t great ideas the fuel of a good product roadmap?