Product analytics: Your secret weapon for driving growth and reducing churn

The right product analytics solution and strategy have long been essential to improving digital products and experiences. But they’re also increasingly important for improving business outcomes and strengthening an organization’s bottom line.

In a new report, Pendo and Mind the Product, in partnership with RevOps Squared, surveyed 700+ product and business leaders to understand how teams of all sizes and across industries are leveraging product analytics to support business outcomes.

In this report, you’ll learn:

- The No. 1 priority most businesses have when leveraging analytics
- Which industry is taking the lead on using analytics to expand accounts and boost revenues
- The many ways SaaS/software companies are underutilizing analytics—and jeopardizing their business’ health in the process
- Whether and how companies are leveraging AI as part of their analytics strategy
- And so much more

Product analytics can fundamentally transform a business for the better. Don’t risk doing nothing while other companies make the most of this tool. Start seeing business results you never thought you could.