On-demand Webinar

Powering better digital experiences with Pendo AI

Having access to analytics and engagement tools that leverage AI is critical for companies looking to the future. And Pendo is enabling those companies to innovate and thrive using Pendo AI, the all-in-one product experience platform enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Join our webinar on August 2 to learn about our growing collection of AI-powered products and features that accelerate product discovery, drive product-led growth, and automate personalized in-app experiences at scale.

You’ll get a closer look at Pendo’s newest AI innovations, including:
  • AI-generated guides and content to auto-generate in-app guides with a built-in writing assistant.
  • AI-generated qualitative insights to extract, sort, and synthesize information from qualitative feedback and NPS data.
  • Generative campaigns to scale growth with machine learning to drive customer conversion, expansion, or adoption.
  • Workflow suggestions: Discover and improve issues in the user journey with AI-powered suggestions.
  • AI tag assist: Measure and report on product usage with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • AI chatbot: Get the right knowledge, at the right time, in Pendo via a new AI chat built into the Pendo Resource Center.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss and share demos of these products and more. We’ll also provide a look at Pendo’s roadmap to enhance every part of the platform with artificial intelligence and automation.


Chad Holdorf

VP of Product


Marcus Andrews

Senior Director of Product Marketing