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Align product stakeholders and bring a data-informed approach to your roadmaps.
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Bring stakeholders along on the journey

Create alignment

Share the “why” behind your roadmaps to keep teams aligned and motivated.

Adjust easily

Modify your roadmaps as needed as you learn from the data, or as your priorities change.

Prove value

Show how feature development supports your company initiatives.

Improve visibility and align your teams

Pendo Roadmaps - Build a product backlog
Create alignment
Organize your team's work within customizable swimlanes, initiatives, and features.
Make updates in real time
Easily move, expand, edit or nest your roadmaps items as your plans change.
Pendo Roadmaps - Build a product backlog
Pendo Roadmaps - Build a product backlog
Maintain control
Share your roadmap via a link or downloadable PNG. Control permissions with edit and view-only access.
Build a product backlog
Create a backlog of features and initiatives. Drag and drop them onto your roadmap when you're ready.
Pendo Roadmaps - Build a product backlog
[With Roadmaps], there’s a very open communication line. It helps our customers feel secure in their decision—like they’re getting some support moving forward. They feel like it is a long-term partnership, which is absolutely how we want them to feel.
Mary Lyon, Director of Product Feedback

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