Pendo for Startups

Build faster, build smarter

Pendo for Startups offers the complete power of Pendo at a discounted rate.

Pendo is your secret weapon to compete against bigger, more established companies. Product analytics help you make the right decisions more often. And no code guides allow you to make a better product experience, without help from engineering.
Start winning on product experience today with Pendo.

If your company:

  • Has 75 employees or fewer.
  • Has a web or mobile application. 

You’ll get access to Pendo’s:

  • Product Analytics, to understand adoption, retention, and success.
  • In-app guides, to lead users to success and make sure they see value.
  • In-app NPS, polls, and surveys to understand how users feel.

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How Other Startups Have Found Success With Pendo:

“Everybody has heard of Pendo, so it was really easy when they had those questions to say ‘Don’t worry, we have best-in-breed tech. That says, ‘Cool, you know what you’re doing.’”
Adam Patarino, Casted co-founder

Pendo customers are 40% more likely to raise a Series A than average seed-funded companies