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Pendo’s all-in-one product experience platform is now enhanced with artificial intelligence and automation, enabling companies to deliver exponentially better digital experiences across the apps they buy, build, or sell.

Pendo customers will be able to access an ever-growing collection of AI-powered products and features:

  • AI-generated guides and content: Jumpstart creation of in-app guides and walkthroughs to drive business outcomes.
  • AI-generated qualitative insights: AI-powered summaries, themes, and insights derived from qualitative feedback and NPS.
  • Workflow suggestions: Uncover and fix potential inefficiencies in the customer journey with AI powered suggestions.
  • Generative campaigns: Smart lists and auto-generated guide campaigns to drive conversion, expansion, or adoption.
  • AI tag assist: Measure and report on product usage with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • AI chatbot: Deliver personalized education via the Resource Center based on each user’s knowledge, behavior, and preference.

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