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Date: September 30, 2020
Time: 8:30 AM PT11:30 AM ET

How to Transform Your Business with a Product-led Approach

You can’t go a day without seeing headlines about the success of companies like Apple, Netflix, StitchFix, and Amazon. What do these industry-leading companies have in common? They put their product at the center of everything they do, and that makes them product led.

In product-led organizations, the product isn’t just part of the customer experience--it is the experience. Adopting a product-led strategy will enable you to build products your customers love, improve cross-functional collaboration, and drive hyper-growth for your organization. But, how do you actually shift your go-to-market strategy to become product led?

We’ve put together a roundtable discussion with top leaders on all things product led to help you transform your business with a product-led approach. Join Sam Richard, Director of Growth at OpenView Ventures, Wes Bush, Principal at, and Pendo co-founder and CEO Todd Olson to learn:
  • What a product-led organization looks like
  • Why product-led organizations are on the rise
  • How product led-organizations put their products at the center of the customer experience to drive demand, convert users, upsell existing customers, and create advocates
  • And more!