Introducing NPS Insights

Leverage new machine learning capabilities to analyze open text NPS responses and extract common themes.

NPS data provides thousands of raw textual responses to help understand a product’s strengths and weaknesses. But with a mountain of qualitative NPS data, extracting real insights can feel out of reach.

Product, data, and success teams need tools to extract insights, so they can focus on impact.

Pendo’s new NPS insights capabilities comb through open-text NPS responses to identify common themes in your NPS data.

  • Save valuable time: Automate time-consuming, manual data processing with machine learning algorithms, so your team can focus on acting on the insights.
  • Drill into key themes: Surface the most common feedback of promoters or detractors.
  • Create segments from themes: Group users based on feedback, and use those segments to identify common product behavior, or to target follow ups or announcements as you make improvements.
Joining the interest list does not guarantee beta inclusion.

When will NPS Insights be available to me?
Target GA is December- join this list to get regular updates!

What do I need to be eligible for NPS Insights?
Our ML algorithms require a minimum of 800 textual responses within the past 2 years.

What can I do with NPS Insights?
At launch, you will be able to:
  • Drill into the themes to see specific answers under that theme
  • See how themes have been trending over time
  • Create Pendo segments from the promoter or detractor theme

How do I get access to NPS Insights?
These capabilities will be launching soon! To be first on the interest list, please fill out the form above.