Understand and guide your users through a seamless product journey on any device.

With Pendo for Mobile, you can create a connected digital experience across your mobile and web product portfolio. Analyze how your users interact with your solution in all settings, and understand how users move across platforms. Harness insights throughout the product journey and tailor in-app guidance based on the user device.

See the difference today!

Guide users to better product experiences based on unified insights across mobile and web.

Track user behavior across platforms

Collect and analyze product data in both web and mobile environments to achieve a more complete understanding of how users interact with your solution.

Capitalize on insights to innovate faster

Identify methods that resonate in a mobile setting, adjust strategy, and employ mobile application data for faster product innovation.

Engage and retain mobile users

Maintain your product level of excellence in your mobile apps and guide users toward the most valuable product experience, regardless of platform.

Accelerate mobile conversion

Employ guides to direct users to the features and behaviors that correlate to purchase.


Use Pendo's Visual Design Studio to create guides for mobile users that unify their product experience across all platforms.
    • Visitor data is tracked across platforms. This allows you to use actions on web to trigger mobile Guides the next time that visitor launches your application and vice versa.
    • Mobile Pendo SDKs automatically track any user action in your app, providing instant insights without prior app tagging.
    • Utilize multi-app paths and funnels to track users throughout their product journey on mobile and web.
    • Analytics and guides are agnostic to app versions, allowing you to make updates without needing to change the way Pendo tracks user interactions on mobile apps.
Sitecompli combined insights with guidance to increase feature adoption.
“For users that saw the guide, feature usage went up by 2000%. It’s amazing how little announcements like this can have such a huge impact.”
Kristen Hariton | Senior Product Marketing Manager

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