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Capture and prioritize product feedback at scale

Product feedback from your customers, internal teams, and prospects is invaluable. With the right feedback solution, you can make impactful, data-informed decisions about what to build next and improve your customers' product experience.

Using Feedback with Pendo's analytics gives you the complete 360° view of your users; you'll understand what they say, and what they do.

Build the right features, every time

Centralize feedback collection at scale

Source feedback from customers, internal teams, and prospects in a single location so you can use feedback data with confidence.

Deliver the right features faster

Analyze feedback by product area, tie requests to revenue impact, and bring the customer voice into your ongoing and future projects.

Increase account retention and growth

Understand product usage and priorities of specific customer segments. Stop customer feedback from disappearing into a black hole; open a dialog about product requirements to better predict and prevent churn.

Accelerate customer time-to-value

Streamline customer communications about new product releases and educate users on the improvements they’ll find most valuable.

"Every time we build a product, we're making a bet. I want to make the best bet we can. Having more context around feedback and letting customers go vote or thumbs up other requests gives us a better idea of the impact of something before we prioritize it and put it on the roadmap."

Josh Todd | Principal Product Manager, TUNE

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