Reduce Churn Through Better Onboarding

User churn happens when there is a significant gap between the value a product delivers, when users perceive that value, and what was promised by the brand.

Effective user onboarding can reduce user churn by speeding the learning curve, educating users about the value they are receiving, and delivering a consistent user experience from sales-to-signup-to-retention. Join Pendo VP of Product Shannon Bauman, and ShelvSpace Director of Customer Experience Dan Ray as they discuss harnessing the power of branding, user-validated design, and targeted user guidance to build an exceptional onboarding experience.

This interactive webinar will explore:

  • Common onboarding pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How to think beyond the “onboarding checklist” to rapidly demonstrate value to new users
  • Developing tight feedback loops to capture user sentiment before it’s too late
  • Why brand is just as crucial as product design in your onboarding experience

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