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Live Webinar
Date: April 20, 2022
Time: 10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET

The evolution of product-led customer success

It’s right in the name: Customer success functions exist to make sure their organization’s customers see success with their product.

By keeping that in mind, the most effective CS teams have learned that letting their product take the lead by anticipating and automating common support tasks in-app frees up resources for helping customers tackle larger, more strategic challenges. It’s part of an approach called product led growth, and it represents a new paradigm for CS.

Join us for the second installment in our four-part product-led webinar series, “Driving product-led transformation.” Pendo Chief Customer Officer Ben Carey, ChurnZero Chief Customer Officer Abby Hammer, and Alaina Loori, director of customer success operations at HackerRank will discuss what becoming product led means for customer success teams. You’ll learn:

  • How customer expectations have changed over the years
  • What makes a great customer / product experience
  • How CS and services teams can leverage the product to help them achieve their goals
  • How the shift to product-led has changed the role of CSMs
  • How product led contributes to better business outcomes and customer experiences

They’ll also share tactics to help CS teams become more product led, and discuss their predictions for where product-led CS might take us next.