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Great discovery is critical to building great products. If you don’t understand what users need and why, delivering them value is almost impossible.

Discover is a new set of features in Pendo that combines qualitative, quantitative, and visual data into a process. This new workflow helps you generate smarter product hypotheses, test them with the right audience, and then share updates with customers—all inside Pendo.

What to expect with Pendo Discover:

✓ Dynamic audience targeting: Precisely target your audience for relevant, actionable feedback collection and validation based on their product usage.
✓ Automated triaging: AI-assisted processing and categorizing of customer feedback that correctly routes organized feedback to the right product area owner to take action.
✓ Feedback in context: Seamlessly combine usage data with qualitative data via Pendo analytics and Session Replay. Bring context to product feedback so you can uncover patterns and easily prioritize.
✓ Close the loop at scale: Easily communicate with customers in-app and engage targeted segments of users by sharing new features built based on their requests.
✓ All-in-one: Easily build a process for discovery by doing more in a single tool.

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