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Pendo Listen gives you a 360° view of your customers’ needs, backed by data and accelerated by AI. Confidently build and launch successful products—all in a single platform.

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What to expect

Dynamic audience targeting

Precisely target your audience for relevant, actionable feedback collection and validation based on their product usage.

Automated triaging

AI-assisted processing and categorizing of customer feedback that correctly routes organized feedback to the right product area owner to take action.

Feedback in context

Seamlessly combine usage data with qualitative data via Pendo analytics and Session Replay. Bring context to product feedback so you can uncover patterns and easily prioritize.

Close the loop at scale

Easily communicate with customers in-app and engage targeted segments of users by sharing new features built based on their requests.


Listen is integrated into the Pendo platform which allows you to build a complete process for discovery in a single tool.

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