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Pendo is software that makes your software better. Our product adoption platform helps scrappy startups and established enterprises alike deliver incredible product experiences. Whether you’re launching a new feature or sunsetting an old one, rolling out a new app or reaching an untapped audience. Pendo helps you understand, guide, and close the loop with your users—so you can build software they can’t live without.

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Citrix saw a 60% increase in free trial conversions and a 40% reduction in support cases around user management with Pendo in-app guides
To me, ‘Pendo’ing it’ means being able to get things done quickly and be in control of it. It’s removing the reliance that we have on our product and engineering teams, being able to put something into the product very quickly, and [then] measuring and iterating on that if need be.
-Jill Ramondo, Energage

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StrongMind used Pendo to support and guide teachers and students—and reduce their median support ticket resolution time from 72 hours to just 1 hour

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