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It’s a buyer’s market for talented employees these days, and the “Great Resignation” puts your entire business at risk. Providing a frustrating and confusing digital workplace is one of the surest ways to accelerate it.

Pendo Adopt stops that trend in its tracks. Unparalleled behavioral analytics helps you understand how work happens in your software—and where users are getting stuck. That data provides the backbone for building targeted, scalable in-app onboarding and support, no matter how large your org is.


Drive digital adoption across all of your employee-facing software.

Pendo Adopt can help with:

Portfolio Management

Guarantee your software is used to its full potential, so IT investments don’t go to waste.
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Employee productivity

Ensure user proficiency from day one, so your people can focus on doing their best work.
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In-app support

Identify friction points and support employees when and where they need it—automatically, in-app, and at scale.
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Tailor the user journey to each employee. Offer contextual help to just the right employees, in the right place, at the right time.
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Governance and compliance

Set the standard, then lead the way there. Make process compliance a breeze.
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