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By 2022, the average company used 250 apps, a 22% increase from four years prior. With this growing proliferation of apps, too many companies are letting their digital ecosystems get out of control: with a layout that makes no sense, paths to nowhere, and experiences that leave employees feeling confused and lost. This is where Pendo Adopt can help.

Put your employees at the center of your business technology decisions

Process Analytics
Understand the flow of work within and across apps. Identify and eliminate points of friction in the software you built or bought. Accelerate employee productivity. Streamline onboarding and support with analytics-informed in-app guides.

In-App Guides and Sentiment
Accelerate user proficiency and keep employees in flow. Deploy in-app support across entire cross-app processes. Segment users for personalized, contextual guidance. Capture process- and app-level feedback at scale.

“Pendo Adopt gives us insight into how employees are using the tools we provide, and allows us to create in-app training that is digestible and scalable. Well-trained employees are more engaged employees. They also produce better results for our clients.”

Nick Pendergrast | Senior Manager, Content & Training | Brightly

Pendo by the numbers

IT leaders that say improving employee experience is critical for their organization's ability to deliver on its mission
Return on assets that organizations that invest in better employee experiences typically see
The number of apps an average company uses for their employees
IT organizations that will use digital employee experience to prioritize and measure digital initiative success by 2025
Pendo Adopt can help with:

Employee productivity

Ensure user proficiency from day one, so your people can focus on doing their best work.

Governance and compliance

Set the standard, then lead the way there. Make process compliance a breeze.

In-app support

Identify friction points. Automatically support employees when and where they need it.


Offer contextual help to the right employees, in the right place, at the right time.

Portfolio management

Guarantee your software is used to its full potential, so IT investments don’t go to waste.

Powerful segmentation

Leverage metadata and behavior to curate your employees’ in-app experiences.

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The product-led platform

Retroactive analytics to understand how your product is used, in-app guides to make sure it's used to its full potential, and feedback tools for knowing where to take it next. Pendo is the complete product adoption platform for software you build and software you bought.

Frequently asked questions

When using Adopt, you’ll need to work with your IT team to deploy the Pendo Launcher browser extension to your employees. Once everything is set up, it’s simple to add any web-based application that you built or bought to your Pendo Adopt Portfolio View -- check out how to do this here. In addition, with our Okta Connector, you can bring in metadata that will enhance the behavioral data being collected, enabling you to start gathering real operational insights right away!

Leveraging key analytics functionality in Pendo Adopt such as Paths and Workflows, Portfolio View, and License Utilization, allows you to measure and improve on a number of KPIs for your organization. Learn about the 10 KPIs we recommend tracking to accelerate your digital adoption efforts, drive operational efficiency, and help you mature your digital workplace.
Take this self-guided tour to see how easy it is to set up Pendo Adopt for your web-based portfolio of employee-facing applications.
Yes! Segmentation in Pendo, powered by analytics and metadata, allows you to target guides at both the user and/or account level. Try segmentation for employee-facing applications for yourself with our interactive tour!

Yes! With our employee-facing solution Adopt Studio you can create, launch, and track guide completion—within and across applications.

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