Data-Driven UX:

How Usage Data and Session Replay Informs Exceptional Product Experiences

Original Air Date: June 28th, 2018

Adrienne Gajownik

Senior Product Designer


Justin Dilley

Head of Product


Historically, UX and product teams have relied solely on customer feedback to inform product and UX improvements. Today, UX and product tools can give you a much clearer picture than simply what your customers are willing or able to tell you.

By combining user analytics with actual replays of real user sessions in your product, UX and PM teams can now gain a much better understanding of the true experience of their users. With these tools, they can identify potential UX issues with analytics and drill down into recorded sessions to better understand what exactly is going on. The result? A much deeper understanding of where users are finding frustration and delight.

Please join us on June 28th at 10am PST/1pm EST as we sit down with Justin Dilley, Head of Product at FullStory, and Adrienne Gajownik, Sr. Designer at Pendo, to discuss the intersection between product analytics and session replay--and, specifically, how these tools help them perform their roles more effectively.


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