How to set up product ops in your organization

Many companies are turning to product operations to help bridge communication gaps and drive efficiency throughout the organization. But what does it mean to stand up this new function? How should the product ops team be structured and what should they focus on? And once the team is up and running, how do you know if it’s even working?

In this e-book—a follow up to The Rise of Product Ops—we’ll highlight key steps to building a product ops team and how to maximize its value for your organization. We’ll share tips for finding talent, identifying priorities, and measuring product ops’ efforts.

Download now to learn:
  • How to get started, including: who to partner with, how to approach the discovery process, and ways to foster communication among teams
  • What to look for in a product ops hire and suggested interview questions to ask
  • An example product ops org structure and how each member of the team spends their time
  • Which KPIs (both quantitative and qualitative) to use to measure the success of your new product ops team


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