Know What to Build Next: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Data to Optimize Your Roadmap

Product management is becoming increasingly data-driven, but hard data is only one piece of the puzzle. The key questions facing product teams -- like “How do I know what to build next?” and “Are my teams working on the right things?” -- can’t be answered with usage data alone.

The only way to create a complete picture of your users’ current and future product experience is by pairing product usage data with qualitative customer feedback.

In this white paper, we discuss how best to integrate both quantitative data and qualitative feedback into one cohesive product strategy. You’ll learn:

  • Why “value” is more important than “volume” when it comes to new features and improvements
  • Why a customer-facing roadmap can be an essential tool for aligning expectations and building trust between your team and your users
  • How to open up a dialogue with customers about which requests you're working on next



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