How to understand and optimize a multi-screen product journey

Think about how many screens you look at every day. Most likely, you use your phone for some tasks and your tablet or laptop for others. Then, of course, there’s the TV and your smartwatch. While user preferences certainly vary between devices, thinking about your web and mobile apps in isolation might cause you to miss some of your most important customer insights.

The reality is that most users combine web and mobile in a single product journey. And they’re expecting seamless product experiences to follow them, no matter which device or screen they’re using.
In this white paper, we discuss what the multi-screen era means for your customers and how they interact with your product. You’ll learn:

  • The four questions every PM should ask when it comes to multi-screen strategy
  • Which product analytics features can help you evaluate your users’ behavior across devices
  • Strategies for shaping product usage and related customer outcomes



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