Battle of the Product Managers:
East Coast vs. West Coast vs. UK

At first glance, the role of product manager seems uniform, at least when it comes to geography. A PM in New York has the same job duties as a PM in San Francisco or even London, right? Well, yes ... and no.

As it turns out, the PM role varies by location. West Coast, East Coast, and UK-based product managers all have distinct profiles, with nuances in their approaches to customer feedback, organizational alignment, and career growth.
In this e-book, we take a closer look at three separate PM profiles: West Coast, East Coast, and UK. You’ll discover:

  • Why customer feedback is a major source of product ideas for PMs on the West Coast and in the UK
  • What makes UK-based product managers particularly focused on revenue
  • Where the three PM profiles are most similar and most different
  • What PM profile most closely matches your style



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