10 KPIs Every Product Leader Needs to Know

In the early days of product management, only one metric really mattered: product delivery. Then came the rise of SaaS, agile, and data-driven product management. Now the average PM has so much data at their fingertips that it’s hard to separate signal from noise.

So which metrics are the ones to watch? Brian Crofts, chief product officer at Pendo, has collected 10 KPIs he believes every product leader should monitor. Some of them, like NPS and product usage, are probably already familiar to you. Others are new for many product leaders.

And all are vital to the success of the modern product team.

With this ebook, move beyond theory and learn how to:

  • Calculate a numerical value for the metric at the top of the list: product stickiness
  • Use the “BDF Framework” to assess your product’s overall health
  • Identify leading indicators of positive business outcomes like account growth and renewal


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