On-demand Webinar

10 ways to measure the success of your digital workplace

The combination of truly creating memorable experiences requires a focus on both how people feel using technology combined with making them as productive and efficient as possible. When designed correctly, the digital workplace can deliver on all these outcomes, and more.

But what are those KEI's (Key EXPERIENCE Indicators) that you should measure and strive to improve? Join Hannah Whiteside, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Pendo, and Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO at Leapgen, to find out.

You'll learn:
  • The 10 key metrics to track employee productivity and efficiency
  • How to utilize these metrics to measure the value and success of your internal initiatives
  • Why your digital workplace holds the key to unlocking better employee experiences


Hannah Whiteside

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Jason Averbook

Co-Founder and CEO