Reinventing NPS Analysis

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an incredibly popular metric that provides clear visibility for product teams into how their products drive customer delight… or does it? NPS definitely provides a simple, clear measurement of customer satisfaction, and the closed loop follow-up process provides some qualitative insight into the customer experience, but product teams have no way to easily analyze how user behavior aligns with NPS scores across an entire user base.

Unlike other tools, Pendo collects detailed product usage data along with NPS survey responses. We are bringing this data together to easily show which areas of the product are used by promoters and detractors as well as how product usage influences NPS scores. This combination will allow product teams to understand how their product experience impacts satisfaction, and makes NPS responses much, much more actionable.

In this Webinar, Julie Harrow, Pendo Product Manager, offer a sneak peek at these new capabilities, and Liz LeCrone, Product Lead at eShares, one of our beta users, shares how they’ve leveraged these analytics to raise their NPS game. Join us to learn how you can bring together NPS and product data to build products that customer love!


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